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Allagi founder becomes Ireland’s first ‘Certified Organization Design Professional’

We are delighted to announce that Ann Greene, founder of Allagi, has become the first person in Ireland – and one of fewer than 50 people globally – to have been awarded the title of ‘Certified Organization Design Professional’ (CODP). The certification programme for organisation design professionals is developed and managed jointly by the Organizational Design…
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Support your team through the change and uncertainty of remote working

Businesses around the globe have initiated extreme measures in an effort to safeguard their employees’ welfare and contain the spread of COVID-19. For many this means a mandated move to remote working – typically from the employee’s home. Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook have tens of thousands of staff working from home (and, let’s face…
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Why good change management is more than just good communications

When we tell people what we do at Allagi we are sometimes surprised that they respond with “ah yes, change management; good communications, so important”. In fact many people believe that successful change management is the same as good communications, but we see it differently. When you want people to adopt a new process, technology,…
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Managing Our Emotional Organisational Culture – A Step Too Far?

A recent article in Harvard Business Review really made me think. The authors propose that failure to manage organisational culture has a negative impact on business performance. No kidding, huh? But read on! They actually write about not only managing organisational culture in terms of the norms and values that influence how people behave at…
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Leadership in action

Love this demonstration of natural leadership – instinctively knowing the right thing to do, no course required! youtube.com/watch?v=Kw1iwv…

Top 6 tips to screw business meetings as usual

Really liked these ideas posted by Richard Branson on LinkedIn about making meetings different and more interesting.  I particularly like the last point about the over-reliance on Powerpoint – every day I see people using slides as a script and the energy is just sucked out of the meeting as soon as the slideshow goes on. Whilst…
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Delighted to launch our new website

Delighted to launch our new website, allagi.ie – thanks to Aoife at iseek.ie for her work! Check it out & let us know what you think! 🙂