Organisation Design

Organisation Design is a process for shaping the way organisations are structured and run.

Organisation design involves arranging the organisation’s work and people to achieve its purpose and strategy. 

Our organisation designers are highly skilled in working with clients to understand their strategy and assess the fit with their existing operating model. The aim is to ensure that the whole operating model – including structure, processes, information systems and locations – is aligned with the organisation’s purpose and is designed to deliver the organisation’s strategy. We are expert in designing structures and processes that are relevant for the organisation’s state and stage of life.

When should you do organisation design?

When the organisation is impacted by a significant internal or external event

External influences could include legislative or regulatory changes, the arrival of new competitors in the market or a global pandemic resulting in huge changes to how people work! Internal influences could include cost-cutting measures, introduction of new sustainability policies or rollout of new

When the organisation’s strategy or purpose changes

Mergers, acquisitions, development of new products or moves into new markets could all represent strategic change that requires review and redesign of organisation structure, workflows, process or culture. Significant changes to strategy or organisational goals are likely to mean that at least some of these elements will no longer be aligned and will need to be analysed and redesigned to remain relevant.

When the existing design no longer works to deliver your strategy

Organisations change over time and processes and practices evolve. This slow and incremental change usually happens so gradually that it goes unnoticed…until it doesn’t. This type of organisation design can also be driven by a related element that has changed, for example, an organisation that undertakes a significant process redesign will likely need to review its roles, structures and reward mechanisms to make sure they are aligned.

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