Organisation Development

Organisation Development is the umbrella term for activities designed to help your organisation to evolve and grow through planned and managed change.

Organisation development involves designing and implementing activities that support and grow the organisation’s capability as a whole.

As an organisation goes through different stages of development – start-up, growth, maturity, decline or reinvention – its purpose should stay the same but its strategy will change. As a result its capability requirements will also change. This is where organisation development comes in.

Organisation development activities frequently relate to people and behaviours. Employee engagement, motivation, performance management, learning, development, leadership, culture, …these areas all fall under the heading of organisation development. 

When should you do organisation development?

External and internal environments are constantly changing. Markets change, new competitors emerge, technology evolves and pandemics occur! People join and leave organisations, cultures evolve and strategies change.

It is therefore critical that organisation development is an ongoing activity rather than an ad-hoc initiative. Without constant review of the organisation’s performance against its goals and an analysis of its capability to support that performance there is a risk of drifting into complacency and falling behind.

Our team comes from a mix of backgrounds – business, psychology, HR and education – and we help our clients to identify organisational needs, diagnose the extent to which those needs are being met and design solutions in the areas of leadership, culture, behaviours, performance management, competencies and succession planning.

By their nature organisation development activities and initiatives drive change and convincing people to adopt change is not always easy. Our expertise in change management means that we can also support you in implementing the solutions once designed to ensure that your change sticks.

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